Friday, July 08, 2005

I carry too many devices

Some all the time, some only when I need to:

  • mobile phone
  • audio player
  • PDA
  • car remote, several guarage door remotes
  • USB drive
  • headset
  • notebook or TabletPC
  • digital still camera
  • digital video camera
  • at some point: GPS

My ideal portable device will have all the above and more:

  • it will be one and only one
  • a lot of storage space to take all my media (100GB maybe?)
  • high-res, high-zoom still and HD video camera
  • 3CCD
  • a good media (A/V, photos) player
  • good-size, high-rez screen
  • advanced PDA functionality
  • good VoIP software; switches automatically from GSM to WiFi or WiMax
  • comprehensive connectivity (WiFi, bluetooth, 3G, WiMax?, wireless USB)
  • replaces other devices (home remote controls, guarage door controls, car keys?)
  • integrates with my smart home systems for remote monitoring and control.
  • a good wireless headset (which I can use for any audio device around me: TV, PC, etc.)
  • more far fetched: I can use it with ATMs, POS and ticket counters at theaters, museums.

I will be while until even some of this wishlist becomes true, as this requires so many haedware/software development breakthoughs and corresponding catch-up from service providers and location owners.

P.S. I also use too many tools to manage my media: a few for photos (picassa, Adobe PhotoShop Album, Flickr), one for audio (Windows Media Player), and a couple for video. I want to be able to manage them all from one and only one tool.

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