Monday, November 07, 2005

I just love!

it is really liberating to be able to save, tag and comment any webpage from anywhere, knowing that u'll be able to go back to it any time easily from anywhere. the lack of it was holding me back for years, unnecessarily worrying more about how to synchronise my contacts from home, office, notebook, mobile, etc., rather than actually focusing on the contents of those pages and enjoying them.

not any more! and it is easier to find a link than in IE.

despite the low rating it got recently from PC Mag, i love! it is liberating!

and the concept of read-once tag that i came up with today is nice. i can go back later to items that i wnated to read, then i'll remove the link once i read it.
update: oct 5, 2006: the tobuy tag is also helpful for marking items you plan to buy online at some point.